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Love is a force that is beyond human comprehension. Love can be shared, it can be captured and it can be felt. To have a love that permeates the bounds of time and space and yet translates into moving pictures seems almost supernatural. How could such a thing be done? There was a transcendence that occurred on this particular day, the feeling caught me by surprise. How could I replicate it? How could I tell a story through feeling? This is what I sought to create in this film. This is the type of wedding filmmakers dream of, one that feels like a waking dream.

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There are three essential layers for creating a film. The first is the soundtrack. The sound track is where the foundation is laid. Secondly, is the main timeline clips. The timeline clips is the visual aspect of the film. Thirdly, is the color grading. The color grading is the icing on the cake to make the image look cinematic and immerse the viewer into the wedding film.

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