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If I could define my style would say it is an artistic expression of real-life poetry. There is never any particular order. Not one of our films is the same. There are foundational moments throughout the day that we incorporate in the film, but the rest is creatively filmed and edited to evoke the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day.


Each year I travel around the world to explore the means in which artists portray culture, events and feelings throughout the varying eras. I studied Art History in college, and the one thing that always fascinated me was the ability of an art piece to bring forth emotions that would grip me and take me on a journey through time. The films I make will outlive myself, my couples, their children, their grandchildren, and so on. I take that honor very seriously as I create a work of art that reflects a moment in time but will live on forever.



Your story is my inspiration. I started my company because I saw a lack of depth in wedding films, and I wanted to do something different. I didn't want my couples to watch their film, I wanted them to feel their film. As someone who has spent their whole life making films, I know the importance of story and characters. My films are driven by the story of our couples. Every decision I make from the colors; shot selection, and music is based on who my clients are. I want to reflect their personality in my films, I want their film to feel like their film.

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