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Every piece of you. 

We are all artists at heart; we are lovers in search for our muse. We seek that one person who enters our life and changes it forever. A lover, a best friend, a partner, this is what the soul longs for and when it is found, nothing can come between the radical force of what we call love. Sarah and Ethan have a love that belongs in a Nicholas Sparks novel, their love is undeniable and unshakable. Through the persistence of Ethan he fought for the attention of Sarah, until one day she finally gave in and gave him a chance. That chance would lead them to this day, the day of their union. 


Love is a force that is beyond human comprehension. Love can be shared, it can be captured and it can be felt. To have a love that permeates the bounds of time and space and yet translates into moving pictures seems almost supernatural. How could such a thing be done? There was a transcendence that occurred on this particular day, the feeling caught me by surprise. How could I replicate it? How could I tell a story through feeling? This is what I sought to create in this film. This is the type of wedding filmmakers dream of, one that feels like a waking dream.

The beginning.

Weddings are the beginning to a new story. A turn on a trail that leads to new heights, new discoveries, and deeper experiences. Kalynn and Bryan celebrated their beginning at The Santa Monica Proper in Los Angeles, California. Their day featured stunning design, emotional vows, ice cream, and of course lots of dancing. It was a night to remember. 

The celebration

The beauty in weddings is not only the love shared between two people, but the love shared between family and friends. A celebration; a dedicated time to support the union of two people through connection, laughter, and of course dancing. Tannaz and Dustin not only have love for each other, but they so evidently have an incredible amount of loved for their friends and family. The union of Tannaz and Dustin was set in their family estate in Palisades, they danced the night away and created memories to last an eternity.

When You Walked By. 

Imagine passing by the love of your life every week, not realizing that one day, you would marry that person. That is the story of Michayla and Jordan. Passing by each other at school, they had caught each other's attention, but it would take years for them to finally connect. Fast forward a few more years, and their love became permanent. This is a film recollecting the events of their wedding day.


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My Sanctuary. 

What is a sanctuary? A place of refuge, a place of peace? For Savannah, it is Tanner. These two celebrated their wedding in the historical town of San Juan Capistrano. The day was filled with emotional words, intimate moments, and a beautiful setting.

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