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  1. (of two people) united in marriage.

    "a married couple"



Throughout the seven years of my wedding filmmaking journey, I have developed a detailed and simplistic approach to capturing weddings. 

I feel wedding films are a form of poetry. In just a short amount of time I use little moments from a one-day event, in order to tell a cinematic love story.

Allison Karlyn Films specializes in wedding, destination and elopement films. 

Meet Allison

Driven by a passion to tell stories of a love that may only be captured once. I travel the world to work with couples who want a unique and memorable experience on their wedding day. 


The love between Mariana and Thomas is a love that has endured. At nineteen years old, Thomas made a commitment to Mariana's father that he would protect her.


To explain love is quite difficult, however I am always quite amazed when I hear the words exchanged during vows. Brittni and Keegans vows in particular were truly incredible.


You know when you meet a couple and you just know they were meant for each other? hat’s how I felt when I met these two.

The sound of love

The sound of love is the elopement film of Bailey and Gavin. The elopement was set on a dreamy beach on the coast of Oregon. The film was shot almost entirely at night with the moon as our light and the waves as our music.

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