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Minnesotan farm-girl turned film fanatic.. I spent my days riding horses and chasing my sisters around with a camera attempting to get them to star in my films.


Those simple beginnings would lead me to California with a camera in my hand, a good song in my head (California Love to be exact), and the passion to tell stories that have never been heard. 

I was never quite sure what attracted me to film, but I always felt that I was born to be a filmmaker.

By the time I was Sixteen I had sold my first screenplay, worked on Hollywood film sets, and directed my first short film at a studio in Los Angeles. 


As soon as I graduated high school I took off to Los Angeles. I spent the next four years attending college in Santa Monica.  

During my schooling I was filming weddings every weekend for my company and various company's in Southern California. In the span of four years I filmed 120+ weddings. ​

I want to make sure my company represents positive values and the power of love. The foundation of my company is based on my faith in Jesus whom empowers us to love one another despite the circumstances and to do all work diligently and honestly.


My goal in life is to make films that matter. Wedding videography is so much more than a job, it is a passion. Capturing the union of two people is something I am very proud and blessed to be a part of.




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